The Wire Actor Chris Clanton Hospitalized After Gunshot Injury

Chris Clanton, an actor known for appearing in HBO's hit series The Wire, was shot in Baltimore, Maryland on Thursday according to TMZ. The outlet reports that Baltimore Police Dept. is investigating a shooting that took place on April 29 in which "a 35-year-old man suffered a gunshot wound to the ear," medics reportedly treated the injured at the scene and brought them to an area hospital. TMZ further note that Clanton has already been discharged from the hospital after having his wounds treated. Further details on the shooting and whether Clanton was even the intended target remain unclear at this time.

Like many other actors that populated the David Simon series, Clanton was a Baltimore local who was enlisted to play a part in the series (notably set in and around the Maryland location where Simon lived and worked for decades). Clanton played the part of Savino Bratton in the crime drama, appearing in the first season as one of the many members of the Barksdale Organization. His character would be arrested at the end of season one and not appear again until season 5, where he had been enlisted as part of Marlo Stanfield's Organization. Savino was killed in the series by Michael K. Williams' Omar Little in the seventh episode of season five.

Though The Wire was Clanton's debut acting gig it wasn't his only one. After his HBO appearances he would go on to star in indie features like The Asylum's Mega Shark vs. Kolossus, Razorblade City, and The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence).


All five seasons of The Wire are streaming now on HBO Max. It's one of several award winning shows created by Simon available on the WarnerMedia streaming service which also includes Generation Kill, Treme, Show Me a Hero, The Deuce, and The Plot Against America.