Thor Movie Adds Natalie Portman to Cast!

Marvel continues to roll out the announcements on its Thor movie. Recently, rumors swirled around Jessica Biel being cast, which is still a possibility, but Marvel has confirmed that Natalie Portman, no stranger to comic book and science fiction movies with her work in V for Vendetta and the Star Wars prequels, will be playing the role of nurse Jane Foster, Thor's first love in the comic book series. While the character will be receiving what Marvel describes as an update for the character, this announcement may help to frame the plot of the film more and more, which will center on Thor being cast to Earth for his behavior, and ironically will have to defend it against the plans of Loki, played by Chris Hemsworth. Portman brings an impressive list of credentials to the film, not the least of which is an Academy Award nomination for her work in Closer.