Thor: The Dark World After The Credits Scene Explained By Director Alan Taylor

Thor The Dark World After The Credits DescriptionSpoiler Warning:

As should be obvious from the title, this article contains spoilers for the two post credits scenes in Thor: The Dark World. Much has been made of the mid-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World. Director Alan Taylor made it very clear that he did not shoot the mid-credits scene.

The mid-credits scene was shot by Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, and it featured the introduction of The Collector. However, there was a second post credits scenes which occurred after the credits were completely over, which was filmed by Alan Taylor.

While the mid-credits scene has been analyzed in great detail because of its implication for future Marvel Studios movies, relatively little has been said about the final after the credits scene. In the final scene, Thor joined Jane Foster on earth, and the two embraced in a passionate kiss. In a light-hearted moment, a beast from the Jotunheim is also shown chasing a flock of birds on earth.

In an interview with SlashFilm, director Alan Taylor provided some insight on why the final Thor and Jane kiss scene was shown after the credits and not just tacked onto the end of the movie.


“It’s funny. We agonized for a long time,” said Taylor. “We thought the movie was about whether they got together or not. I think it came down shockingly late in the process that it felt sort of implicit that they were going to be together. So I think that point the reveal of… this is also a spoiler…”

Taylor continued, “Who you have on the throne… was such a jarring thing that you couldn’t follow anything else. So just that process, the finishing of Jane and Thor, wound up being a feel-good moment, but not a big story moment. The feeling was that instead of explaining why they were together, we just left them be together and then the final, final shot was one of my favorites. It was very late in the game, too.”