Tim Burton Confirms Beetlejuice 2 With Michael Keaton And Winona Ryder Returning


Tim Burton has confirmed that Beetljuice 2 is in development, and that both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are returning.

"The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team," Burton told ShowbizSpy, we have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona and Michael. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming."

If this news sounds familiar, that's probably because we've been reporting on Burton, Keaton, and Ryder all discussing the sequel to the 1988 supernatural comedy in varying degrees of hushed tone for a while now. We already knew there was as script, and we already knew that Keaton and Ryder were game for the sequel, but this is the first we've heard about the studio giving the thumbs up.


Burton kept any further details about the sequel under wraps for the time being.