Transformers Animated: The Complete Series Coming to DVD Next Week


Shout! Factory announced this weekend that the long-awaited third season of Transformers Animated is finally coming DVD, and that a complete series box set will be released in less than two weeks. The series, set in the world of the Michael Bay-produced Transformers films, ran from 2007-2009 and followed the Autobots as they worked to protect the Allspark, their new adopted home Earth and their human friends. You can check out the solicitation below: Trapped on Earth, far from home and living in disguise, the brave Autobots must protect the ancient, all-powerful Allspark from getting into the hands of the malevolent Decepticons.  As if their task weren't difficult enough, the team — led by the honor-bound Optimus Prime and including Bulkhead, Prowl, Rachet and Bumblebee — must also protect Earth from its own nefarious super villains! Can this mere maintenance team live up to the highest standard of what it truly means to be Autobots? Transformers Animated: The Complete Series box set will feature all 42 episodes with special bonus content, finally arrives exclusively to in a collectible 6-DVD box set. The 6-DVD box set is priced to own at $34.99 SRP. Also available to own on the same day is Transformers Animated: Season Three 2-DVD set, debuting on Wal-Mart stores shelves for the first time from Shout! Factory.