True Blood Recap With Spoilers: I Found You

The episode opens with Eric in a bedroom, fixing himself a drink. Jason arrives, and Eric says [...]

The episode opens with Eric in a bedroom, fixing himself a drink. Jason arrives, and Eric says he's surprised that he (Jason) found him. After some chatting, Jason says that while he's crazy about Violet, he can't get Eric out of his head. In a flash, Eric pins him to the bed, then turns to walk away, taking off his shirt. Jason takes his off as well and tackles Eric from behind, then the pair lay on the counch together, kissing. As Eric kisses his way down Jason's body and toward the waistline, Jason -- now fully dressed in his police uniform and sitting in the back of the church -- topples over and starts awake. He looks around self-consciously.

Outside the church, everyone is still thinking nasty things about/around Sookie -- apparenlty her rally-the-troops speech can only go so far -- and the police are trying to figure out how to narrow the search for the H-vamps and their kidnap victims. Sookie offers assistance, saying that the dead girl she stumbled over in the woods last episode was totally unfamiliar to her -- just like the H-vamps were. She suggested that if they could ID the body, it's possible she could lead them to where the vampires came from.

Andy tells her to take Alcide and meet him and Jason at the police department later. He tells Kenya to get Adilyn home. Kenya objects, but he's having none of it.

Reverend Daniels tells Sam that people are restless and would like some direction, so Sam tells the assembled group that they should go try to fix up Bellefleur's so that it's ready when the hostages are returned.

Lettie Mae tells Reverend Daniels she wants to go check up on Lafayette to see if he's okay following Tara's death. The Reverend offers to go, but she declines.

Andy is taking Adilyn to the car, and she begs him to let her stay with Rocky and Wade. He relents, saying that she has to be home an hour before dark and that if Jessica returns, she is not to invite her in (he clearly still does not know that she was invited in last night and is sleeping in the attic).

At an undisclosed location in the basement of a bar, the hostages are chained and crying while shouts go on. One of the H-vamps has accidentally killed a hostage (not one of ours) during his feeding and the rest of the group is furious with him; now they have to go out hunting again becuase their food source is depleted. Last night didn't go as planned, becuase they didn't know Bon Temps had vampires at the party and were unprepared for the fight. The plan had been to take at least 9.

One older-looking woman identified as a teacher tries to be the voice of reason, saying that they have to die but they don't have to act like savages as they do. She's nominated to replace the man who just killed a hostage as the new "reaper," and that man will have to eat last until he can prove he can control himself. He's on "sleep patrol," apparently responsible for waking them up. The leader, a young-looking black vampire played by Bones alum Eugene Byrd, sends her to get a human to feed on.

When she goes to the basement, where Holly, Arlene and Nicole are chained up separately from our non-regular-cast captives. Arlene makes brief eye contact with the woman, who takes a stranger upstairs to feed on, and when the woman is gone, she says that she knows her.

She realizes quickly that the woman, who taught their children, could be their way out. Arlene delivers a speech to try and instill confidence in the rest of the group.

Back in Bon Temps, Sookie leads Jason, Andy and Alcide to the body, who they identify as from the neighboring town of Saint Alice. Andy goes to call their sheriff, while Sookie is overtaken with emotion for the dead girl.

Sam and Andy both come at the same time and say that nobody's answering calls. The group decides to take a trip to Saint Alice.

At Lafayette's, Lettie Mae comes to check on him; he's frustrated that she's so persistent with her knocking but otherwise fine. Lettie Mae, though comes in and says that while she was happy to have a moment of closure with Tara, that's not enough: she wants to raise Tara to "help her get to Heaven." Lafayette isn't interested in trying to raise anybody, but Lettie Mae is insistent. She wants some V, saying that when she's high on V, she finds Tara. Lafayette doesn't believe her, and won't help, saying that she's an addict and it doesn't help her to give her false hope.

At the bar, Adilyn and the rest of the community is cleaning Bellefleur's, when Vince and his group of vigilantes come in and start trying to rile people up; they reveal bodies in the freezer at the restaurant and Vince tells everyone that Sam turned into a dog after the attack. He tells everyone about the conflict last night with Andy, and tells everyone in the building that they need to arm up and go after the vampires.

The gun stores are sold out, but Vince convinces the people to start breaking up the restaurant, taking loose pieces of wood to use as stakes. Adilyn overhears someone's thoughts as they think of where some guns are available, and brings Wade to help her stop the mob getting better-armed.

Back at the vampire bar, Holly and Arlene try to get mercy from the teacher; they say that she's dead anyway, so why not save them? She says she wouldn't even know how, but they try to sweet talk her into helping them. They say they'll help her get away if she saves them. The woman -- Ms. Harris -- breaks down crying and hugs Arlene but has a change of heart and tries to say she can't help them.

Arlene begs her, saying that she has the option of knowing she's going to die and making the right choices, whereas most people don't have that. Ms Harris tells her that she'll figure something out; they thank her. She grabs another man across the room to bring up to feed on.

In Saint Alice, Sookie's crew realizes that the whole city is empty. Without supernatural defenses, the town is a ghost town, with doomsaying messages scrawled on the sides of buildings and "SOS" on the roof of a taller one. Sookie rounds a corner and finds hundreds of bodies in a mass grave, deducing that the H-vamps either killed or took everyone.

At the police station, Adilyn convinces Kenya that the mob is coming to take guns from the supply room. She has a standoff with the mob as they start to try and get in. They convince her that she's been mistreated by the sheriff and she's about to let them into the armory when Adilyn erupts with faerie energy and knocks her down; the mob grabs Adilyn and Wade and drag them out of the station, with Jessica waking up to sense the danger but unable to do anything about it.

First, Jessica calls the station (not really knowing what's going on there, it makes sense), but when there's no answer, she instead calls Sookie -- whose phone is still on the ground in the woods after she threw it last night.

As the townsfolk of Bon Temps arm up and have a lot of fun doing it, Sookie and company are still looking for any survivors or information that can be found in Saint Alice.

They find themselves in the house of the woman who was killed. Wandering through the house, it seems they were taken in the middle of dinner. Jason picks up a piece of pizza from the table and susses out they haven't been dead long.  Apparently this house was one of the last to fall before they left town and moved on to the next place.

Andy decides that if he gets Holly back, he'll marry her the first chance he gets, saying that a man is nothing without a family.

Sookie finds a diary in the woman's room, giving some insight into her last days. The journal reveals that the woman has a lot of similarities to Sookie's life story -- she even flashes back to an earlier conversation with Bill when he first took her to Fangtasia. We see young, happy Sookie at a simpler time and she's briefly carried away with the story, making Alcide somewhat uncomfortable when the victim writes of her vampire friend "I can't help it -- I am his, completely."

Finally, she gets to the part where the whole community is either killed or taken. As she's reading it, Sam is looking through the room of the family's baby.

The government has left the town for dead in her story, and she's stuck alone, her husband and older daughter dead; she was stuck alone with the baby and no food. She starts to cry, and Sam comes to bring them back to Bon Temps.

Lettie Mae is cooking in her kitchen when she gets an idea. Burning her hand very badly, she whimpers and goes to Willa, desperate for the healing power of vampire blood. She lies, saying that her hand slipped, and asks for her blood. Willa is hesitant, but shen Lettie Mae begs her she relents and gives her some. The hand is healed and Lettie Mae becomes clearly intoxicated. She sees Tara, in a vision in the woods on a cross, with a snake around her shoulders. Tara is speaking incoherently, in tongues, and Lettie Mae is frustrated that she can't understand what Tara is saying.

On the road back to Bon Temps, Alcide tells Sookie not to feel like she's got much in common with the girl in Saint Alice. He tells her that she fell in love with Bill but that doesn't make her responsible for the actions of the vampires. She's still scared that Bon Temps will be just like Saint Alice, though.

Alcide tells her that they can run from Bon Temps and save themselves, but she says that's not the answer.

At the vampire bar, Harris says she doesn't trust Ronnie to wake her; she wants to be the sleep monitor. They want her to wake them in 15 minutes, and she sets the timer. Once the other vamps are asleep, she rushes downstairs and says they have 12 minutes to escape. She says she has to feed on someone before they do it. Arlene volunteers.Mr. Harris feeds aggressively and then suddenly disintegrates in her lap.

Back in Bon Temps, Jessica's arm hasn't healed when Andy comes home. She puts her hands up, and tells Andy that Adilyn is in trouble. She says that when the sun sets, she's going to go find her.

Sookie and Alcide get home; she tells him to shower before he goes to bed becuase they smell like Saint Alice's bodies. They kiss passionately before he goes. While he's showering, she leaves and goes to Bill's house. She asks if he would be able to sense her fear if she got herself into something really serious.

In France, Pam is still looking for Eric. There are two prostitutes there and Eric won't take their blood. He's surprised that Pam found him, and he's beginning to get the same vein pattern on his chest that Ms. Harris had before she burst in the basement of the bar.