Valiant: Want a Job? Try Fan Fiction!


It wasn't that long ago that Amazon's Kindle Worlds program rolled out an announcement that they would be taking on Valiant Entertainment, meaning that fans who write Valiant fan fiction (or at least fan fiction surrounding certain, supported characters like Archer & Armstrong or X-O Manowar) would be able to sell that fan fiction commercially via Amazon's Kindle e-reader and share the revenue with Valiant, the copyright holder.

It's a pretty cool idea, and so far the titles look pretty good--and cheap.

According to Valiant's social media presence, though, there's another aspect of the Kindle Worlds program we hadn't considered: Developing talent.

"Aspirations of writing for Valiant Comics?" The publisher's Facebook account asked last night. "Your best bet is to submit a fan fiction story to Amazon Kindle Worlds. Every story is read by the Valiant Comics team."

The copy came with a link to Valiant's Kindle Worlds page.  Interesting...