Westworld: Who Dies In 'The Well-Tempered Claviar'

Well, it's episode nine of Westworld this week. If you're a fan of HBO dramas, you know that [...]

Well, it's episode nine of Westworld this week. If you're a fan of HBO dramas, you know that episode nine spells out trouble.

In Game Of Thrones, it seems like each ninth episode accounts for some of the craziet twists, and unexpected deaths, of the entire series. The Red Wedding, Battle Of The Bastards, and Hardhome all delivered some of the show's biggest moments, and all appeared in episode nine of their respective seasons. Even the death of Ned Stark was an episode nine event.


As crazy as Westworld as been so far, it would only make sense for episode nine to be out of this world. 'The Well-Tempered Claviar' airs at 9 pm ET tonight, and it's almost guaranteed someone will die.

Who will it be? Take a look at our best guesses.

Dolores - Slight Danger. Dolores is mixed up in a lot of questionable things at the moment, but she's the key to figuring out the secrets of the maze. She may be taken out before the season over, but it won't happen tonight.

Ford - Safe. Ford is the mastermind behind all of the evils in Westworld, and that's going to keep him around for at least another week. Ford and Maeve are providing the conflict, so they aren't going anywhere.

Bernard - Slight Danger. Bernard is a host, but he's a danger to himself. His questions of Ford and his nature are only putting him on the hot seat.

Maeve - Safe. Just like Ford, ths wheels stop turning without Maeve in the driver's seat.

Teddy - Danger. It looks like Teddy could already be dead, but how dead can a host really be? Just a simple fix-up and he's back to normal. It just doesn't seem likely given all he and MiB are mixed up in.

Man In Black - Danger. Ed Harris may be signed on for next season, but there's no telling in what kind of capacity. The man is in a tough spot, and his revealing feelings are making it seem like he won't be around much longer.

Logan - Danger. Logan is on the wrong side of Dolores, and he doens't realize how truly dangerous she can be.

William - Danger. Logan is crazy, and unpredictable. William could be in deep with his brother-in-law, and that slides him out of the safe zone.

Felix - GRAVE DANGER. Felix has done nothing but help Maeve, but that should lead to his downfall. He'll either be killed by one of his superiors, or by Maeve herself. She can't leave any loose ends if she wants to get out.

Sylvester - GRAVE DANGER. See above. He's got it coming, and has already had one close call. Reason dictates he dies at the hands of the company, while Felix is taken by Maeve.

Stubbs - Danger. Stubbs is starting to piece things together, but he may be too late. The only saving grace is that Bernard is questioning his existence, and that could help save Stubbs.

Elsie - Danger. She could be dead, but that was never confirmed. Remember the HBO rule, 'THEY'RE NOT DEAD UNLESS YOU SEE IT."

Lawrence - Danger. Lawrence is always in danger, end of story.

Charlotte - Slight Danger. Ford is onto Charlotte, but she's got some cards left to play.

Lee - GRAVE DANGER. Lee is caught between a rock and a hard place. Or, in Westworld terms, between Charlotte and Ford. It would be a miracle of the drunkard to make it past the both of them.

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Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.