The Ant-Man Trailer's Top Five Moments

The Ant-Man trailer has officially arrived, giving fandom its first sizable bite into the [...]

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The Ant-Man trailer has officially arrived, giving fandom its first sizable bite into the upcoming Marvel movie. As the final film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's second phase, there's a lot riding on Ant-Man's shoulders; not just in terms of the studio's ambitions, but how the universe will unfold in a post Age of Ultron World.

Fortunately, our first glimpse into Scott Lang's world didn't disappoint. Actually, it almost made us say, "Ultron, who?" Below, we run through our five favorite moments from The Ant-Man trailer. July 17th can't come soon enough.

Seeing Cassie Lang

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We knew that Scott Lang's daughter, Cassie, would play a part in the film, but we weren't sure what her role would be. Tonight's trailer seems to answer that question. Based on what we saw in the trailer, Scott's daughter will give him the necessary push to taking Hank Pym's offer and becoming the Ant-Man. In the brief clip where Scott overlooks Cassie sleeping, we got a major, if not the only, piece of confirmation that Scott Lang does have a soul. And given the character's history as a self-serving, morally ambiguous hero, that's a welcome relief.

Seeing the Ant-Man Suit

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Now that's more like it. Before the trailer's debut, Ant-Man was pretty stingy in any visual offerings of the Ant-Man suit. We saw Scott Lang. We saw the suit in differnt forms of art. We even saw Scott Lang in ninety percent of the suit, sans helmet on a magazine cover. But finally, we got a full-bodied look at the Ant-Man suit as it will appear on film. Sure, production and marketing art is nice, but we've been dying to know how Ant-Man's cinematic look would actually hold up at, well, the cinema.Which leads us to our next favorite part…

Seeing The Ant-Man Suit In Action

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After only seeing the Ant-Man suit in stills or production art, we'd been chomping at the bit for a glimpse of Hank Pym's shrinking suit in action. And its debut didn't disappoint. The Ant-Man suit holds up incredibly well on film, looking plausible and functional enough, while still retaining the colorful iconicism we crave in any decent superhero suit.

Seeing Scott Lang Riding A Freaking Ant

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Well, he is called Ant-Man, isn't he? We're glad to see that Ant-Man isn't branding himself based on size alone, but on his relationship with the super-strong insects. Plus, no one can deny how cool it is seeing a superhero using a bug as a weapon. The shot is also a nice callback to classic Ant-Man appearances in the Avengers, when Hank PYM gladly traded a ride on the Quinjet in for a lift from some ants.

Hearing "Is It Too Late To Change The Name?"

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After Hank Pym delivered his dramatic oration about the responsibilities, burdens, and selfless rewards of becoming Ant-Man, Scott gave the best response possible to the pitch: "Is it too late to change the name?" The line confirms the consensus that Ant-Man will strive to git a tone far more comedic than its Avengers brethren. Guardians of the Galaxy proved that you can make a successful super hero movie with equal parts action and humor, and its lines like this that make us pumped to see the patented combo head down to Earth.

What did you get the most excited for in the Ant-Man trailer? Let us know in the comments below.