Wizkids Announces Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War

Civil War Dicemasters
(Photo: Wizkids)

Marvel is bringing its universe dividing epic Civil War to the tabletop with the release of Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War.

Wizkids is basing the set on the Civil War comic, so there will be over 30 plus heroes in the game, including Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain America(both Sam Wilson and Steve Rodgers), and Rocket Racoon. If there's a Goliath card, though, maybe don't put that one in your deck. Just a thought.

(Photo: Wizkids)

The gameplay itself doesn't seem to be receiving any major changes, but for those who like to expand their decks, there will be special foil packs available, which contain two cards and two dice along with the extra heroes, so make sure to look out for those and the core game when it releases this May.

via Wizkids.com