Wonder Woman '77 Digital Comic Announced

Lynda Carter is looking pretty spry these days.That's because DC Comics just announced a 'Wonder [...]

Lynda Carter is looking pretty spry these days.

That's because DC Comics just announced a "Wonder Woman '77" digital comics series. The series, based off of the 1970's Wonder Woman television series starring the famed actress, will start with weekly digital chapters this December. DC will then collect a certain amount of those chapters and publish them as print comics on a monthly basis, which follow their publishing routine of their other digital-first comics.

Writer Marc Andreyko will headline the series, with covers by former "Wonder Woman" artist Nicola Scott. The interior artists, who have not been announced yet, will come to the title on a rolling basis.

"Wonder Woman '77" spins out of DC's similarly-themed digital comic, "Batman '66," which takes place in Adam West's campy world from the 1960's television show. Like "Batman '66," "Wonder Woman '77" will replicate the aesthetic of the popular Wonder Woman television series that ran from 1975 to 1979, with a Wonder Woman bearing Lynda Carter's likeness.

If this series sells well, maybe we'll get a black-and-white "Superman '55" digital comic next.