Wonder Woman Series NOT Picked Up by NBC


In a move that has many Lynda Carter fans and Wonder Woman purists cheering, NBC has decided not to order David E. Kelley's take on the Amazonian diplomat, warrior and princess. The series, which would have starred Adrianne Palicki, was wracked from all sides by gripes over the costume, the leaked script and more. Many fans were not pleased with stories that seemed to suggest that Wonder Woman may be strong, brave, tough and complex, but underneath it all she was a woman desperate for a man and confused about her relationship status in this world. The idea that her fights and adventures would include a soundtrack on par with "Now That's What I Call Music 45499" certainly didn't help matters either. Perhaps the series can be saved. Perhaps some new direction, new script or whatever can be done in time to bring it around the future, but for now, Wonder Woman and her strange costume are grounded.