World's Biggest Darth Vader Collector Revealed


There's plenty of people who collect Star Wars memorabilia, but in the case of Washington DC's Bill McBride, it's all about Darth Vader.

McBride, who has been collecting since he was six, has amassed what Elite Daily calls the "largest unofficial collection" of Vader stuff. He's trying to get Guinness to certify the stash.

You can see an interview, complete with a trip around McBride's collection, below.

Amid the collection are original pieces of production art, screen-used props, the actual action figure Kenner used for promotional photographs in support of the original Star Wars toy line and more.

No word yet on whether the record qualifies, although the fact that it took several of his friends and the DC Star Wars club to come down and help him count, organize and present...well, that seems like a pretty good indicator in his favor.