XBox Might Revive NBC's Cancelled Heroes



, the superhero TV drama from Pushing Daisies and Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller, has been cancelled for more than three years--but it might be coming back to a TV near you...provided you've got an Xbox. TVLine reports that MSN, eager to move into original programming via Xbox, is in talks to revive the show. "Details remain sketchy, but sources confirm that MSN is interested in relaunching the once red-hot NBC Universal franchise with new stories and heroes, while mixing in cameos from the original series' cast (schedules and interest permitting). The talks are said to be in the preliminary stages," the site reports, adding that a former NBC development executive was recently brought into the MSN fold. The idea of bringing in a new cast of characters may not usually work in TV, but ironically it was the original plan for Heroes. Before the first season became a smash hit and its characters beloved by the fans, the idea was to tell a different, self-contained story each season without carrying over the principal cast. MSN will be the latest entrant into the original TV programming market, with Netflix and Amazon already stepping in to revive or adapt existing properties like Arrested Development and Zombieland.