Yu-Gi-Oh! Creator Kazuki Takahashi Receives Comic Con Inkpot Award

Kazuki Takahashi, the manga artist who created Yu-Gi-Oh!, was award and Inkpot Award at Comic-Con International: San Diego. The awards to individuals recognized for their contributions to the world of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation and fandom services

“I am deeply honored to receive Comic-Con’s Inkpot Award and am humbled to be held in the same regard as the revered animators, authors, filmmakers and artists that have been recognized for their passion and contributions to the arts,” said Takahashi in a press release.

“Mr. Takahashi’s passion and talent has created a global phenomenon – Yu-Gi-Oh! - that has introduced manga to legions of fans around the globe,” said David Glanzer, spokesperson for Comic-Con International. “We were thrilled that he was able to join us at this year’s Comic-Con and very inspired by his creative ideas and observations.”

Comic-Con instituted the Inkpot Award w in 1974, and they are presented annually during the event to professionals in the fields of comic books, animation, science fiction, and other areas of entertainment and pop culture. Previous Inkpot Award recipients include Ray Bradbury and Ted Geisel (Dr. Seuss); filmmakers Frank Capra and Steven Spielberg; puppeteer Jim Henson; and animators Bob Clampett, Chuck Jones, Stan Lee, Charles Schulz, Todd McFarlane and Art Clokey, among others.


Other recipients of the 2015 Inkpot Award include actor Bill Mumy and aritsts Joe Phillips and Jimmie Robinson.

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