CBS President Offers The Big Bang Theory Renewal Update

CBS' The Big Bang Theory is currently in the middle of its tenth season, and considering it's the end of a contract, could mean the end for the incredibly popular series. Deadline recently spoke with CBS Entertainment's president Glenn Geller to get a status update on the sitcom.

Considering the success of the series, were the series to continue, the cast would most likely make a play to get more money, which lines up with Geller saying, “We are in negotiations," adding, "These are going to be, I think, the normal tough negotiations when you in a situation like this but we are guardedly optimistic.”

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For reference on when to expect more updates, the last time BBT contracts were renegotiated, talks began in March and the cast didn't close their deals until the end of summer. If negotiations are already in progress, hopefully, that means a deal can be settled by the middle of the summer, or it could potentially take until the end of the summer once again.

What's different about these negotiations, however, is that the prequel project Sheldon is being developed.

In its tenth season, BBT leads the ratings in viewership compared to every other scripted comedy on television and is even giving Sunday Night Football a run for its money, as it's earning more than 20 million viewers per episode this season.

Do you hope we get to see more seasons of the sitcom or do you think the show has run its course? Let us know in the comments!

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