20th Century Fox Previews Trippy Footage From A Cure For Wellness

20th Century Fox unveiled footage of one of their trippiest upcoming films at a showcase for their 2017 showcase in New York City earlier this month.

The movie is called A Cure For Wellness, starring Amazing Spider-Man franchise alum Dane DeHaan and directed by Pirates of the Caribbean veteran Gore Verbinski.

A Cure For Wellness follows DeHaan's Lockhart character as he is all but blackmailed into heading out for a bizzare town in Switzerland. It's a very trippy style of storytelling which, in the first 40-minutes shown at the event, pulls audiences from their seats and into a whole new mindspace. The ambitious Lockhart is up for the challenge as he refuses to be corned by his executives but quickly starts to learn that he may have bitten have more than he can chew.

From a cryptic limo driver sending ominous messages of "no return" to particular shot selections and crafty cuts between shots, A Cure For Wellness shapes up to be an artfully crafty, spinechilling adventure of mystery and horror.

"I went through a lot," DeHaan tells ComicBook.com of the role. "It's hard to say everything I went through without giving away the movie but I think when you see the movie, you'll be like, 'Whoa! That dude went through a lot!' and I did. Everyday was just a different adventure. There were weeks of torture. It was terrifying. I had a lot nightmares but it was fun. It was a crazy ride just like the movie is."

"He's a joy. He has the same work ethic I do. He shows up rehearsed, planned, ready to engage. He's on time. He's focused and he's eager. I would take him anywhere," Verbinski said. "We brutalized him. He's in vitually every scene. We forced his call everyday."

Just as the first act of Wellness concluded at the showcase, the questions peaked. With every inch DeHaan's Lockhart gained on his goal, the path before him seemed to splinter in questionable and often potentially horrifying directions. Eery music, performances, and sudden well-earned jump scares let us know that A Cure For Wellness is not here to play. It's impressively delivering a trippy, yet very artistic message.

A Cure For Wellness hits theaters February 17, 2017.