New American Horror Story Season 6 Poster is a Spider-Eyed Nightmare

American Horror Story Season 6 Header

American Horror Story is known for its clever (read: creepy) marketing campaigns, and season 6 has cultivated a healthy mystique for itself, by refusing to tell viewers virtually anything concrete about even the basic concept for the season. The subtitle "?6" reveals nothing, and a handful of teaser promos have almost inspired more confusion than explanation.There are a lot of theories out there on the interwebs, but nothing confirmed just yet.

Adding to the anticipation (but certainly not the explanation) is this latest American Horror Story season 6 poster:

American Horror Story Season 6 Poster
(Photo: FX Networks)

What is it we're looking at here? Spider-eyes? It's certainly creepy as all hell - enough to give an arachnophobic person a heart attack, no doubt - but again, it doesn't really tell us much about his new season. Hillbilly experiments, aliens, satanic dealings - all of these have been floated as possibilities for "?6," but it seems like we'll have to be closer to 9/14/16 before we learn anything more solid.


American Horror Story ?6 will premiere on FX September 14 2016.