American Horror Story Season 6 Will Be Kept A Mystery, Some Trailers Are Misdirects

American Horror Story Season 6 Header

American Horror Story has been an incredible hit for FX, and part of that has been the change of pace each season. With an anthology format, they're able to keep some of the actors, rotate in some fresh ones, and do something completely different each season. For the sixth season of the series, FX has not released a subtitle, or theme yet, a shift from the previous years, and that's intentional.

FX CEO John Landgraf, speaking at the FX TCA 2016 presentation, told critics that they simply thought "it would be more fun to keep it a mystery" this year. That goes much further than fans may have expected, as well. There have been multiple trailers and teasers made, and some released for season six that have nothing to do with the actual end product. FX made "hypothetical seasons" trailers that will come out between now and when they finally reveal the subtitle, Landgraf revealed, that are total midirects and "have nothing to do with the new season."

That kind of marketing could be seen by some fans as trolling, but Landgraf thinks the air of mystery is worth it. He also said that he sees "no end-game in sight for American Horror Story," so some of those hypothetical trailers could wind up hinting at future seasons.

Landgraf is thrilled with the American Horror Story Emmy nominations, even though the series is pitted against fellow FX show Fargo. "They're two worthy competitors, and their primary competition is each other," the CEO said.

So, if you thought you had AHS season six figured out, you might not be quite as close as you hoped; but you might have deduced a seventh or eighth season theme! The sixth season, with its mysterious subtitle and theme, is due to premiere in just over a month on September 14, 2016 at 10pm, so fans don't have too much longer to wait.

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