Andrew Garfield Returns as Spider-Man on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We've had more actors suit up as Spider-Man in the last decade than any other superhero on the movie or TV screen. From the end of Tobey Maguire's run, to the stalled hopes of Andrew Garfield's rebooted version, to the new hope of Tom Holland as the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, it's been baffling to see Marvel's flagship character struggle so much.

The most tragic figure in all this is no doubt Garfield, who got squeezed out of a chance at being a major player in the superhero movie lane, once Sony's Amazing Spider-Man movie universe plans fell apart.

Jimmy Kimmel is giving fans of Garfield's Spider-Man a thrill, as he brings the actor back for an upcoming bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Meanwhile, don't feel too bad for Garfield: the young actor is set to maybe get into some major awards contention, thanks to the release of his new film Hacksaw Ridge. Directed by Mel Gibson, the WWII drama follows Garfield as a real-life army medic who fought in one of the worst battles against Japan and while morally objecting to use violence. The trailers have looked impressive, and this could be yet another smash hit for Gibson as a director.

... It seems the "middle child" Spider-Man is doing just fine for himself.


Catch Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight; or on the Interwebs, tomorrow.