Bill Murray Offers Glowing Review of New Ghostbusters

Bill Murray really enjoyed the new Ghostbusters movie. In a special two-part episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the anniversary of the original film, and to promote the upcoming new film, the casts of both movies came to the show. When Bill Murray, Annie Potts, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson took the stage alongside the new stars, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones, Bill Murray heaped praise on them.

"Danny, Annie, Ernie and I were just screaming and cheering like we were at a sporting event at the end of it," Murray said of the new Ghostbusters film, out July 15, 2016 and starring an all-female lineup of the titular paranormal fighting team. Before you think he's just being a corporate shill or only praising it because he has a cameo in it, he was brutally honest, saying, "it sort of rumbles along in the beginning, and you're going 'oh God, are they gonna pull this thing off?'" which drew laughs from the new cast.

"We are really, really happy," Aykroyd said earlier in the show. "These women are really great - oh and by the way, the guys in the movie are just fine, too, there are men and women in the movie!" He specifically called out the "manifestation in the third act" as being particularly cool.

"I loved the movie. The girls are amazing and really, really funny," Hudson added.