Collateral Beauty Gets New Trailer That Highlights Its Worst Reviews

Poor Will Smith not only had the worst opening weekend in his career with Collateral Beauty, but it's also one of the worst-reviewed films of the year. Whereas most films like to cut trailers featuring standout quotes from critics to help get the word out, it's slim pickings on positive praise for this one. Instead, the team over at ScreenCrush pulled what they think are the most appropriate quotes the describe the film to cut a new trailer.

Yes, all of those quotes come from actual reviews for the film. That's right, the film was described as "A Chernobyl of toxic sentimentality" and "I screamed the way polar bears are supposed to when they get their tongue frozen to the ice." Yikes.

Although this trailer is intended to highlight just how terrible the movie is, it almost makes you want to rush out and buy a ticket just to try to fathom the complexities of its inadequacies. After all, when the weather gets this cold, who couldn't use "Chicken poop for the soul"?

[H/T YouTube/ScreenCrush]