Collateral Beauty Gives Will Smith His Lowest Opening Weekend Ever

It's no surprise that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would rake in a bajillion dollars in its opening weekend, so no movie expected to claim the top spot. However, a huge surprise is that a film starring Will Smith, Ed Norton, and Keira Knightley would open to such low numbers.

Will Smith's last film, Suicide Squad, gave the actor his highest opening weekend ever, bringing in $133 million. Collateral Beauty, however, gave the actor his lowest opening ever, pulling in $7 million after opening on over 3,000 screens. And yes, that means Smith's The Legend of Bagger Vance had a bigger opening.

According to a Warner Brothers executive, "The attendance was much lower than what we wanted and of course we’re disappointed. I’m hopeful that the older audience this was made for will turn out come Christmas Day." However, the film is also one of the worst-reviewed of the year, sitting at only 14% on Rotten Tomatoes, so it might never find an audience.

Regardless of how his movies have been received, Smith will certainly remember 2016 for giving him his best and worst opening weekends in his career.

[H/T The Hollywood Reporter]