Daily Community Thread: September 20, 2016

Daily Community Thread 920

Happy Monday! Consider this post an open forum to talk about anything comics, movies, tv, WWE, or geek culture with fellow fans. Whether it has to do with our first look at the cast of Jumanji, the brand new Passengers trailer, or the recently announced Harley Quinn Injustice comic.

When you're finished here, you can head back to the homepage to check out all the new stories and great editorials by the ComicBook.com staff, including what we want to see in Wolverine 3, or what would happen if Victor Strand met Negan in a Fear The Walking Dead crossover. ComicBook.com is also offering a free trip to New York Comic-Con, so make sure to head over and find out how to enter.


Regardless of which one you choose, there's a lot to keep you entertained, but let's get things started with your reactions to Jumanji. Are you excited for the upcoming sequel? Or is the franchise better left alone? Let us know what you think!