Doctor Who Spinoff Class Teaser Trailer Released

The BBC has released an official teaser trailer for Doctor Who spinoff series Class.

The trailer features Peter Capaldi as the Doctor as he ominously monologues about how the students at Coal Hill Academy will need to learn to survive without him.

Created by Patrick Ness, Class will follow the students at Coal Hill Academy. The Coal Hill School has been a fixture of Doctor Who since the very first episode of the franchise. Class will explore what it's like to be a student at a school where the Doctor's periodic visits and the infrequent time travel jaunts of faculty like Clara Oswald have caused the walls of space and time around the campus to become thin. As the BBC's description says, "There's something pressing in on the other side, something waiting for its chance to kill everyone and everything, to bring us all into Shadow."

Capaldi's appearance in the trailer is not a misdirect. The Doctor Who star is confirmed to appear as the Doctor in the series premiere of Class.

Class has already been compared to past Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, as well as to Joss Whedon's beloved series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like the former, Class will involve aliens and monsters from time and space who converge on a site that the Doctor has frequently travelled through. Like the latter, it's up to a bunch of high school teenagers to stand up to said aliens and monsters.


Class stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, Vivian Oparah, Katherine Kelly, Nigel Betts, Jordan Renzo, and Pooky Quesnel.

Class is set to debut on the BBC on Oct. 22, 2016, and will air stateside on BBC America.