Exclusive The Venture Bros. Season Six Deleted Scene

The Venture Bros. Season Six arrives on Blu-ray and DVD today, and ComicBook.com has an exclusive first look at one of this season's deleted scenes.

The exclusive scene from The Venture Bros. Season Six shows an alternate opening where the Monarch must distract Dr. Mrs. the Monarch while his henchman sneaks out of their lair.

Join the Venture family as they begin a new chapter in New York City on the sixth season of the Adult Swim series The Venture Bros., available on Blu-ray and DVD Oct. 4, 2016. Hank and Dean's adventures continue as Dr. Venture inherits a fortune and moves his family into a spectacular new home in the New York City.

The Venture Bros. Season Six features all eight episodes from the show's sixth season and bonus material, including commentaries for every episode, deleted scenes and special All This And Gargantua-2, all of which have never been released on Blu-ray/DVD before. The Venture Bros. Season Six will retail for $29.98 SRP for the Blu-ray and $24.98 SRP for the standard DVD edition.


The Venture Bros. follows the adventures of the Venture family, an eclectic clan comprised of the world-renowned Dr. Venture, a pill-popping, failed super scientist and father of the fraternal, not-so-bright twin brothers Hank and Dean. Joining them is their tough-as-nails bodyguard Brock (Patrick Warburton, Seinfeld, The Tick) who was appointed by the government to protect the family from any threat or violence. Together, they embark on a series of odd misadventures that take them around the globe as they fight off villains, most notably The Monarch, the family's arch villain.