Film Critic David Ehrlich Releases Top 25 Movies Of 2016 Montage

At the end of the year, you'll see countless "Best of 2016" lists, featuring TV, music, video games and, of course, movies. Not being content to merely type a list of movies he likes, IndieWire Senior Film Critic David Ehrlich goes above and beyond his peers by editing together a montage of his favorite theatrical moments of the year, as well as a personal top 25 countdown.

More than just a running list of titles, Ehrlich's piece celebrates the entire concept of film and the way it can affect you. Whether you agree with his subjective opinion or not, it doesn't matter, as the piece is meant to not just present his ranking, but inspire you to see films from the year in a slightly different light.

In some cases, a creator is directly involved in crafting a film's trailer, which is meant to entice audiences to see their film. In other cases, a film is handed off to a production company tasked with cutting major plot points into a two-minute montage to sell tickets. Ehrlich's montage gets to present visuals you might have seen in trailers in a way that more adequately captures the spirit of the film than some of their trailers, or at the very least, you get to see some scenes not included in promotional materials.

Hopefully this piece inspires you to check out some movies you might not have otherwise seen, or at the very least, you get to see "I'm Humble" from the Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping soundtrack placed over footage from the documentary Weiner.

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