Finding Magikarp In Pokemon GO Is Hysterical

Everybody’s favorite Pokemon is turning up in full-force for Pokemon GO’s release, and no, [...]

(Photo: typethedragon, b1n4rygaming, ridingwithtom)

Everybody's favorite Pokemon is turning up in full-force for Pokemon GO's release, and no, I'm not talking about Pikachu. The majestic Magikarp is flopping its way into the hearts of gamers around the world - or, at least, in Australia and New Zealand - as Nintendo launched Pokemon GO for the two countries today. The application, which lets gamers catch Pokemon IRL through awesome augmented reality features, allows longtime fans to accomplish something which was once impossible. Fans can now catch their own Magikarps, and unsurprisingly, finding the Pokemon can be kind of hysterical.

Seriously, for gamers, discovering a wayward Magikarp is akin to defeating every Elite Four opponent in history. The feeling they get from stumbling across the gulping fish might be indescribable for some, but plenty of fans have tried to convey the experience through social media. Gamers have already uploaded dozens of screenshots which show them running or even driving into the bright orange fish.

Instagram has accumulated different posts from users like typethedragon that show Magikarp just chilling in the shower. The Pokemon can be seen casually floating mid-air underneath a TARDIS shower caddie, and really, it seems as if the poster is living the dream with her discovery.

This doesn't look like the fish aisle? @tmans87 #PokemonGo #Pokemon #Magikarp

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Magikarp is also being brave and swimming beyond its familiar watery territory. User b1n4rygaming drove past the floundering fish while running errands earlier in the day, and ridingwithtom even found the Pokemon lounging in a meeting room where the poster was prepping to speak with his co-workers. Pokemongocenter also found the fish in a grocery store, but unfortunately, the fish likely wasn't able to reach the fish aisle before it was captured.

Wherever gamers go, it seems impossible for them to avoid the usually useless fish. For now, gamers can expect to run into Magikarp where they least expect it, may that be around a frying pan or perhaps a pair of tennis shoes. Surely, it won't be long before gamers find the Pokemon where it, you know, actually belongs. Magikarp is probably thirsting for some actual water these days.