Game Of Thrones Director To Helm Live-Action Mulan

Sony Pictures has tapped Game of Thrones director Alex Graves to director their live-action adaptation of Chinese folk legend, the Ballad of Mulan.

Sony's is one of two live-action Mulan movies currently in development. Walt Disney Pictures is currently producing a live-action film based on their 1998 Mulan animated film.

Sony's Mulan is being developed firmly with the international marketplace in mind. Sony's Mulan is a Chinese co-production and will feature a Chinese lead.

Sony's Mulan follows a 2009 Chinese Mulan movie. The film was directed by Jingle Ma, from a screenplay by Ting Zhang, and starred Zhao Wei as Hua Mulan.

Graves is an Emmy-winning director and producer who directed six episodes of Game of Thrones. In Season 3, Graves directed "And Now His Watch Has Ended" and "Kissed by Fire." In Game of Thrones Season 4, Graves directed "The Lion and the Rose," "Breaker of Chains," "The Mountain and the Viper," and "The Children."

Graves' other credits include work on Homeland, Bloodline, Shameless, The West Wing, Ally MacBeal, Fringe, and Terra Nova.

Sony's Mulan is being written by Jason Keller and produced by Doug Belgrad representing co-financier and producer 2.0 Entertainment.

Disney's own Mulan live-action adaptation ran into some preemptive controversy when a working script purchased by the studio surfaced online and seemingly revealed a white male as the film's protagonist and Mulan's love interest. Disney was quick to debunk the rumor.


The character of Mulan has also appeared on the ABC series Once Upon a Time played by Jamie Chung.

via Deadline