Game Of Thrones Getting Its Own Convention

Watchers on the Wall, one of the most popular Game of Thrones fan sites on the internet, announced [...]

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Watchers on the Wall, one of the most popular Game of Thrones fan sites on the internet, announced last night that they are putting together a convention geared exclusively toward celebrating George R. R. Martin, his work, and the media based on it.

"[A]fter long years of work and planning I can officially share to you the beautiful people of the Realm that in 2017 we will unite under one banner, at Con of Thrones," wrote organizer Zack Luye.

(Actually, he originally named it Con of Ice and Fire, tying more directly into the books, but fans said it should have "Thrones" in the name and he conceded the point and edited the post.)

"It will be a celebration of all George R.R. Martin has given to the world, and what HBO and we the people have created because of it," Luye continued. "We will rally on June 30th 2017 in Nashville, TN for one truly stunning weekend. I couldn't be more excited, and we here at Watchers couldn't be more thrilled to spend the next year refining, hammering Con of Thrones into the celebration this ever expanding community deserves. I've partnered with the good folk of Mischief Management, who have given love and sweat to build this into something we can be proud of, and who have always put fans first."

He added that a website for the convention has already been established, where fans will be able to keep abreast of news and eventually purchase tickets.

Game of Thrones is, of course, far from the first pop culture phenomenon to get its own convention. While events like Comic Con International in San Diego draw hundreds of thousands of fans, smaller, more laser-focused conventions centering around everything from Star Trek and Twin Peaks to Transformers and The Walking Dead have been around for years, and are seemingly getting more prominent as geek culture has become more and more profitable. Shows like Heroes & Villains Fest and Walker Stalker Con, which play a kind of middle ground between very general conventions and property-specific shows, are also on the rise.