Guy Pearce Gets Brutal In New Trailer For Western Thriller 'Brimstone'

Having previously starred in Westerns like The Proposition and Ravenous, Guy Pearce fits in perfectly in the deadly and dusty environments of the Old West. In true Western tradition, the film gets an R-rating, and the trailer below gives you just a taste of what the MPAA calls "brutal bloody violence, strong sexual content including disturbing behavior, graphic nudity, and language."

The film also stars Dakota Fanning, and Game of Thrones stars Carice van Houten and Kit Harington.

Brimstone's official synopsis is as follows: "Wrongly accused of a crime she didn't commit, a frontier woman-turned-fugitive (Fanning) is hunted by a vengeful preacher (Pearce) in the menacing inferno of the old American West."

It looks like a terrifying blend of religion, violence, and the Old West, so the film looks like it has a lot of potential. Pearce is always ferocious on-screen, Fanning is always enjoying, and the Game of Thrones stars are fan-favorites. We look forward to seeing Pearce and van Houten's on-screen chemistry, as the two had a baby together last August.

Brimstone will hit select theaters and be available on VOD March 10.


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