'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' Could Be Coming To Broadway

If you’ve been wanting to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but can’t quite afford a trip to London, you just might get the chance in 2018. Turns out producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender, along with creator JK Rowling, are in talks to bring the two-part play to Broadway.

The group is in talks with the Ambassador Theatre Group to bring the magical play to the Broadway Lyric Theatre. Though this would mean a major revamp of the theatre, it seems as though ATG is willing to make the necessary changes.

“We are thrilled about ATG’s ambitious plans with will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a unique theatre space tailored to the specific needs of the production over the play’s two parts,” said Friedman and Callender.

The current 1,900 seat theatre will be downsized to about 1,500 seats. This will help to create a more intimate space, as well as accommodate the stage requirements for the show. The stage itself will also be changed according to the set designer’s plans, as well as the director’s original staging.

harry potter and the cursed child
(Photo: Facebook / Harry Potter and the Curse Child)

Even the front of the house, where the audience enters and spends time during breaks will be changed, so everyone will feel as if they have entered the wizarding world. Needless to say, everything will be changed and rebuilt specifically for this very show.

“But above all, ATG’s plans will provide Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with a bespoke home that will be intimate enough from a drama, yet big enough for us to deliver on our commitment to provide audiences with access to low priced tickets throughout the auditorium.”

The play takes place years after the original seven Harry Potter books end, 15 years, to be exact. The story follows the Potter family. Harry has to deal with his past, while his youngest son, Albus, must figure out how he fits in to the world given his family legacy. The play is shown in two parts over the course of two nights.

Rowling has said in the past that she had one day hoped the play would make a trip across the pond, but even fans didn’t think it would happen so quickly.


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