Hulu Ending Free TV Service

Hulu is now taking steps to remove the no-cost, ad-supported television and movies feature from [...]


Hulu is now taking steps to remove the no-cost, ad-supported television and movies feature from the streaming service. After launching this core product nine years ago, Hulu will begin notifying customers of the switch during the next few days and will offer a free trial of the paid subscription, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In 2007, Hulu made the bold move to offer free television shows and clips during a time when there was little traditional-length video on the internet. With their 12 million subscribers, Hulu has become increasingly competitive with the world's largest streaming service Netflix. In order to chip in to the market share held by Netflix, Hulu has been seeking ways to evolve the streaming landscape. Hulu first launched a subscription package with limited advertising in 2010. Fall of 2015, a higher-priced ad-free subscription tier was offered. Now the company is developing a live TV service set for launch next year.

Hulu senior VP and Head of experience stated, "For the past couple years, we've been focused on building a subscription service that provides the deepest, most personalized content experience possible to our viewers." He continued, "As we have continued to enhance that offering with new originals, exclusive acquisitions, and movies, the free service became very limited and no longer aligned with the Hulu experience or content strategy."

However, fans of Hulu's free TV service don't need to fret just yet. Hulu's distribution partners, which includes Comcast, will continue to offer the available library of no-cost content. The company has also signed an expanded distribution deal with Yahoo in order to launch a streaming TV hub called Yahoo View.

Phil Lynch, Yahoo VP and head of media partnerships stated: "We're trying to get the best digital content in front of our users." He mentioned the strategy for Yahoo View is much different than that of normal Hulu content.

Are you disappointed that Hulu is getting rid of their no-cost, ad-supported television and movies?