Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz in The Mask Behind-the-Scenes Photo

More than 20 years after the film's release, a new (well, "new") behind-the-scenes photo from The Mask has popped up online.

The image depicts the pair standing in wardrobe (and, in Carrey's case, in the green mask that defined his character's look in the film) alongside their stunt doubles.

The image, taken on the set of the 1994 movie, has been circulating on the internet for a couple of years, but gained a ton of traction when the Behind the Scenes Twitter account (seen above) shared it.

Much of the commentary is the typical "look how young they are!" variety, although there are plenty of people pointing out that Carrey's stunt double (seen cozying up to Diaz on the right) looks a bit like the Feels Guy meme.

The film -- for anybody who might not remember or was too young to have seen it -- was loosely based on the comic series of the same name distributed by Dark Horse Comics. It starred Carrey, Diaz (in her first movie), Ben Stein, and Joely Fisher. The plot centers on an unlucky bank clerk (Carrey) finding the Mask of Loki, which grants him incredible cartoon-like superpowers.

The film was a big success at the box office, spawning an animated series spinoff that ran for 3 seasons and a 2005 live-action sequel, in which none of the main characters returned (an earlier sequel had been planned but cancelled when Carrey refused to sign on the dotted line).