Lord Of The Rings Star Reveals Long Running Aragorn Prank

On movie sets, especially in cases where the cast spends years together, there are often a number of pranks and gags between friends. As you can imagine, the Lord Of The Rings cast had a lot of time to spend together, so there were probably a lot of jokes to share.

Apparently, one of the longest-running pranks from Lord Of The Rings was only funny to one of the cast members -- and a little painful for the rest.

(Photo: New Line Cinema)

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Dominic Monaghan revealed that Viggo Mortensen enjoyed head-butting his cast mates for fun.

That's right, Aragorn was a vicious head-butter.

Monaghan, who starred as Merry in all three LOTR films, was participating in this "Ask Me Anything" session to promote his new film, PET. One fan aksed him about any pranks from the LOTR set that the public hasn't heard about before, and he responded with this little story about the Aragorn actor.

He revealed that Viggo Mortensen would make this head-butt part of his usual routine -- a greeting of sorts. Dominic also said that the old 'prank' isn't exactly over.


from discussion Hey /r/movies, Dominic Monaghan here. You may know me from Lost or The Lord of The Rings. I'm starring in a new movie, PET, out on December 2nd. AMA!.


Even now, long after the Lord Of The Rings trilogy has ended, Mortensen is still having some painful fun with his former cast mates.

Aragorn was one of the most hard-nosed characters in the trilogy, and it looks like Mortensen is truly his real-life counterpart.