Machinima Launches New Fandom-Centric Series, FYI

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This week, Machinima is launched their newest webseries, FYI.

The first two episodes were released to the Machinima main page on June 1, and beginning June 15th, FYI will air exclusively on go90.

Here's how they describe the show:

Fandom, geeks, gamers...what do they have in common? They all gravitate to a video game, comic book, movie, TV show or other form of IP, identifying with that cultural asset in a deeply intimate, personal way. Simply put, they make up the foundation of fandom and gaming's deep niche subcultures while the rest of us, including other geeks and gamers, are outsiders trying to understand.

Now, Machinima's new series FYI reveals the mysteries behind these subcultures, fascinating origin stories and geeky trends. Featuring narration by popular online personality and VO actor Brizzy Voices (1.1M social followers), FYI uses whiteboard-style animation and clever voiceover to bring the rest of us inside some of the beloved and complex factions in the geek world including Otherkin, SeaPunks, Internet Cats, Batman's supervillain Doomsday, and more. The first two episodes of the series, which take viewers inside the cultural phenomenon behind Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, air weekly beginning today (June 1) on Machinima's YouTube channel. The rest of the season, beginning June 15, will air exclusively on go90.

Check out a preview of the Otherkin episode, which provides a taste of the uniqueness of FYI:

Release Schedule:

Machinima Main - YT:
June 1st: Bernie - Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook, go90
June 8th: Trump - Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook, go90
Date TBD: Warcraft – Launch on Machinima YT/ Facebook


June 15th: Doomsday
June 22nd: Final Fantasy
June 29th: OTP
July 6th: SeaPunks
July 13th: Internet Cats
July 20th: Juggalos
July 27th: Wonder Woman
August 03rd: Trolling
August 10th: Affluenza
August 17th: Otherkin