Michael Bay Reveals New Look For Drift In Transformers: The Last Knight

Drift Transformer

We recently got a look at Sqweeks, a new Transformer who we think is a Junkion, and now Transformers Director Michael Bay has introduced fans to the new Drift, and the Autobot is coming back in style.

Granted, last time around the Samurai transformer was based upon a 2013 Bugatti Veyron, so it's not like he was slumming it by any means.

Now Drift will be seen in Transformers: The Last Knight in a new vehicular form, that of a Mercedes-Benz GT R. It's definitely sleek, and from the caption, it appears Bay is keeping the Samurai theme as well. That's all fine and good, but maybe Bay will reign in the more stereotypical aspects of the character a bit, like the haikus that littered his dialogue.

The former Decepticon turned Autobot is cool enough on his own and in his abilities that resorting to cheap gimmicks isn't necessary.

Drift isn't the only one making a return either, as recently it was confirmed that actor Tyrese Gibson is also making his way back to the franchise as Robert Epps. The film has also brought back Josh Duhamel and added iconic actor Anthony Hopkins to its packed casts as well.


Transformers: The Last Knight hits theatres on June 23rd, 2017.