New Image Of Sqweeks From Transformers: The Last Knight Released

SQWEEKS Transformers
(Photo: Instagram)

There's a new Transformer coming to Transformers: The Last Knight and he might just take the crown for most adorable Autobot ever.

Bumblebee, you better watch your back.

A new image of Sqweeks was shared on the Transformers Instagram account with the caption "It's SQWEEKS! Here to destroy your auto-correct. #transformers"

It’s SQWEEKS! Here to destroy your auto-correct. #transformers

A photo posted by Transformers (@transformersmovie) on

This is significant for two reasons. One, because the little blue Vespa has got some serious Wall-E grade adorability going for him. Secondly, it signifies a small change in the Autobot's name. In a preview Instagram post from Director Michael Bay's account, he shared the first photo of the new recruit alongside actress Isabela Moner.

His caption read "My talented young co-star of Transformers, Isabela Moner. And and introducing a new character, Squeeks..#transformers #markwahlberg #isabelamoner." Notice the name has been tweaked slighted to read Sqweeks instead of Squeeks. Your Tweetdeck is not going to like that at all, so be prepared.


The little guy appears awfully close to the Junkions, who made their memorable appearance in Transformers: The Movie. Hopefully, Sqweeks is just the first of many nods to the groundbreaking animated film.

Transformers: The Last Knight is set to hit theatres on June 23rd, 2017.