New The Predator Movie To Begin Production In September

Predator Header

Shane Black's long-awaited The Predator will begin production in September in Vancouver, according to the Director's Guild of Canada (via AvPGalaxy). The film will reportedly start shooting on September 26 and film in the city until late December. It isn't clear whether it will be shot entirely in Vancouver or whether it will relocate for further shooting after December.

Along with a number of other release date changes and announcements recently, 20th Century Fox revealed that they were moving up the date of The Predator from Iron Man 3 director Black from March to February of 2018.

Black's rebootquel The Predator will not take the franchise back to revisit its glory years in the '80s. Rather, the film will be set in the current day, with Black dodging questions about whether that means Arnold Schwarzenegger could play his original character, just thirty or so years older, in the next installment of the franchise.

Schwarzenegger is reportedly interested but "still in talks" and not yet committed.

When recently asked whether the new film would using real time "since the first film," Black dodged the question somewhat, saying only that the movie would be set in the present day.

Black, who directed Iron Man 3 and is set to direct Doc Savage, will take on The Predator next, pushing Savage back a bit in the production queue. The writer/director actually appeared as Hawkins in the first film. Around that same time, he cut his teeth writing the Lethal Weapon movies, Monster Squad, and more. Besides Iron Man 3, Black has directed Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys.

The Predator's new release date will be February 9, 2018. Its previous, March 2 date is now occupied by one of the untitled Marvel projects Fox has on the schedule, which had previously been slotted in as a January release.


The film has already had its first bit of marketing released, featuring the Iron Man 3-familiar tagline of "you'll never see him coming."