Pixar Cut These Emotions from Inside Out


Sure, you know Joy, Fear, and Sadness, but how about a German emotion that laughs at everyone's misfortune, or the hard-to-define Ennui?

As many as 26 emotions were initially discussed for Inside Out, Pixar revealed to USA Today. That included Schadenfreude, Hope, Ennui, Pride, and many more. This was largely because the scientists they spoke to when developing the film, which takes people inside the mind of a young girl named Riley and explores how the emotions inside you both work together and tear you apart (from the INSIDE OUT).

"We thought that this is science, there is going to be one correct answer to the number of emotions," Director Pete Docter said. "But some (scientists) said 17, another said four. A couple of scientists said zero, that emotions are sort of an illusion. There was no real unity. That was good because we were able to decide for ourselves."

Ultimately, they settled on the five we see in the film, and it's fairly hard to imagine anything else, especially with how well-received the movie was. Try to think about having another 21 emotions running around in there - it wouldn't be pretty.

"When the film is done, you look at the characters and go, 'Of course, these are the emotions,'" Docter said.

The video above also reveals that Docter initially tried giving the characters more standard human names instead of just calling them by their emotion, something they backed off from in the end.

Inside Out is available now on 3D and 2D Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.