Pokemon GO Is Bigger Than Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter

In light of Pokemon GO’s record-breaking release, millions of mobile phones have found [...]

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In light of Pokemon GO's record-breaking release, millions of mobile phones have found themselves saddled with Niantic's addictive app. With over 15 million downloads in America alone, research is now showing that Pokemon GO is way bigger than some naysayers might have expected - a lot bigger, actually. In fact, SensorTower has published a report which explains how the game is getting more traffic than staple apps like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

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(Photo: SensorTower)

The site analyzed Pokemon GO's user engagement and compared the amount of time users spent on the game to the time people checked other apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Slither.io. On July 11th, iPhone users were clocked in spending an average of 33 minutes on Pokemon GO. This data soared past Facebook's engagement as users scrolled through the social media site for only 22 minutes. Snapchat then clocked in with 18 minutes with Twitter and Instagram sitting around 17 and 15 minutes respectively.

However, Pokemon GO was eventually defeated by a few apps whose popularity couldn't be beat. Game of War ranked far above Niantic's app as the viral game registered users playing for nearly two hours a day. And, of course, King's Candy Crush Saga pulled in big numbers with its total climbing over 43 minutes.

Pokemon GO isn't just consuming online traffic. No, the augmented reality game has fully integrated itself with the real-world as gamers have already shutdown streets in their pursuit to catch 'em all. Dozens of stories ranging from hilarious to, well, not-so-funny have emerged since the app's debut as gamers have even stumbled upon dead bodies during their adventures. And, just a few days ago, the financial market was stunned to see that Pokemon GO had boosted Nintendo's market value by over $9 billion dollars.

Can you all believe it? You think you guys are spending your time catching pokemon rather than ignoring friend requests or checking your subtweets? Let us know in the comments below!