New Image of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers Movie

Power Rangers Movie Reboot Images Rita Repulsa in Crystal
(Photo: Instagram)

The Power Rangers movie reboot continues to tease fans of the franchise with imagery from the upcoming movie reboot by Project Almanac director Dean Israelite, and today we are once again focusing on the new incarnation of classic franchise villain Rita Repulsa, now played by Elizabeth Banks.

When we first got a look at Banks as Repulsa, it was an image meant to reveal the new elaborate costume design, which was leagues away from the Steampunk witch costume worn by actress Barbara Goodson in the '90s TV series. Today's Rita Repulsa image teases a bit of mystery, instead.

What do you think is happening here? Is Rita looking through a crystalline or glass shell at something encased inside? Or is she herself encased in it? Is this how we meet Rita (when she's freed from this shell), or is this how we leave her at the end of the movie (imprisoned by the Power Rangers and Bryan Cranston's Zordon)? Something else entirely?

The great thing about movies is: a still photo can only tell you so much; you have to see it in motion to truly understand.

(Photo: Lionsgate)

What we can say is that Banks looks interesting in this villain role. Her "costume" has a nice otherworldly tech-organic aesthetic (reminds this nerd of The Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact), and it's actually a look that thankfully echoes throughout the rest of Power Rangers' design concepts and costumes. After seeing photos of The Rangers themselves in costume, fans may have reason to get excited that this will all look pretty great in action onscreen.


Power Rangers will be in theaters on March 24, 2017.