Preacher Season Finale: Call And Response Recap With Spoilers

Preacher Sesaon Finale
(Photo: AMC)

Jesse is still on the run. Tulip returns to Annville, where the women are lined up around the block to get their hair done for God's arrival on Sunday. Mosie fills Tulip in on what's transpired since she's been gone. She tells Tulip that rumor is Donnie got ahold of Jesse.

Donnie has just finished "reasserting" himself at home when Tulip busts through the glass door brandishing a gun and demanding to know where Jesse is. Jesse walks out of the bathroom.

Cassidy in jail thinking about Tulip. Sheriff Root asks Cassidy where Eugene is. Cassidy just tells Root that he doesn't want to know. Root has done some digging on Cassidy and discovered a string of crimes across the country dating back to 1922 at least. Cassidy charges at Root, but Root shoots him down. Root then pumps some blood out of a thermos and offers it to Cassidy.

Donnie tells Tulip that he was merciful on Jesse because Jesse was merciful on him, and that's why he allowed Jesse to hide in his home. Tulip pulls Jesse outside and demands a real explanation. Jesse apologizes to Tulip. Tulip asks Jesse to do her a favor. Jesse says he'll do anything. Tulip reveals Carlos in her trunk and tells Jesse to kill him.

Flashback to Carlos flirting with a postal worker named Jennifer. When she turns his offer of a date down, Tulip and Jesse laugh in his earpiece. Carlos is outside of a bank, while Jesse and Tulip are inside tearing open the safety deposit boxes. Carlos comes inside and finds them goofing off while they're waiting for the bank's vault to open. They toss him the bags of loot they've gathered so far and Carlos stashes them in the trunk of their getaway vehicle, stepping in a puddle in the process. Carlos heads back inside and, hearing Jesse and Tulip having a good time, decides to cut the bank's security guard loose.

Jump forward to the bank's alarm ringing, Jesse having shot the guard in the head, Carlos driving away, and Tulip doubled over repeating, "The baby, the baby."

In the present day, Jesse asks Carlos, "Why?" Carlos tells him it was because they were happy. Jesse slams the trunk shut.

Cassidy drinks the blood Root gave him and heals up from the gunshot wound. Root reloads and asks Cassidy again about where Eugene is. Cassidy tells Root that Eugene is alive, but he isn't sure if that's good news or bad news. Cassidy asks the sheriff if there isn't a little part of him that would be happier if Eugene was gone for good. Cassidy talks about Eugene's face until the sheriff unloads his gun into him. Afterward, Root opens the cell door and tells Cassidy that he can go.

Downstairs in the Schenck home, Jesse and Tulip argue about what to do with Carlos. Betsy is annoyed that they're being so loud and worried that they'll wake Chris, but Donnie can barely hear them. Tulip wants revenge, but Jesse tries to tell her nothing will break the baby back. She knows, but she still feels like someone has to pay. Jesse goes into the kitchen and gets a garbage bag and an oven mitt. He picks up the gun and goes outside, saying he's going to hell anyway. He opens the trunk and puts the bag on Carlos' head. He sticks the gun in the oven mitt and points it at Carlos, but Tulip stops him. She hugs him and says that's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for her, but says Jesse is right, that it wouldn't make a difference. Jesse still almost goes through with it, but Tulip talks him down and says it's the thought that counts. They let Carlos out and untie him. He thanks them and grovels and apology. Tulip and Jesse give Carlos a tire iron and the gun. Jesse removes his jacket and asks Carlos if he's ready. The next we see of Carlos he's limping through the city with a battered and bruised face.

Betsy goes to the church tells the police stationed there that they can find Jesse and Tulip at her home. When the police leave, Betsy lets Jesse, Tulip, and Donnie out of the trunk. The four of them begin cleaning, making repairs, and preparing for the Sunday service. Betsy helps Jesse figure out how to work the angelic phone.

The congregation assembles for the service. Jesse tells Tulip that he honestly has no idea what is going to happen. Tulip says that, no matter what, they're getting French fries after, then walks into the church. The place is packed. Cassidy arrives and stands next to Tulip. The crowd falls silent when Jesse enters. Jesse takes his place behind the podium and begins the service, but Odin Quincannon jumps up to interrupt him and begins speaking to the congregation. Odin makes clear that the only god he worships is the god of meat, reminds everyone that the church is at stake, and invites Jesse to show God to them.

Jesse pulls out the phone and opens it up. He places the severed angel's hand on it and hears something that sounds like a dial up modem. When nothing else happens, he begins tapping buttons and parts haphazardly. Odin stands up to claim victory, but then everything goes dark like the sun is blotted out. Then there's a bright light from over the podium and God appears. Jesse tells God that they called Him because they have questions. God scolds them for daring to question God. Tulip steps up and scolds God until Jesse calms her down. Jesse then steps in demands that God acts like the father he claims to be. God laughs and invites their questions. A woman asks why bad things happen to good people. God says he wanted humanity to have everything, good and bad because that's what makes them people. The woman asks for further explanation, but she's interrupted when the entire crowd starts shouting questions over her. Finally, Odin steps up and asks to know what happened to his family and if his daughter is with God. God says that she is, and Odin falls back into his seat. God asks Jesse what his question is. Jesse asks what God's plan for him is. God says Jesse is to be a shepherd for his flock, and that by bringing them all to God he has saved them, even Eugene. Then Jesse points out that he sent Eugene to Hell using Genesis. God seems a little confused and then moves on to ask if anyone else has a question. Jesse realizes that this isn't god but an imposter. "God" tries to cover it up, but becomes agitated and frustrated. "God" turns on the light show to intimidate them into belief. Finally, Jesse demands an answer using Genesis and the imposter admits that no one knows where God is, that the Almighty is missing. "God" tries to explain himself to someone offscreen, but is pulled away and the feed is ended.

Jesse steps in front of the congregation. He begins walking out of the church with Tulip and Cassidy. Odin demands Jesse denounce God, but Jesse just keeps walking and tells Cassidy that they're going to get French fries. After the congregation leaves, Odin and others tear the church apart.

Later, Emily tries to explain to her children that nothing has changed and that their father is still in Heaven. She tells them that they don't need God and they never did.

The old school mascot hangs himself. A group of little girls murders the pedophile bus drive. Terri Loach suffocates Tracy Loach while her son takes a selfie. Odin creates a meat replica of his daughter and cradles it. The alarm on the pressure valve goes off, but the man watching it has died. Gas begins seeping out all over Annville. A cigarette near a valve causes a spark and there's a massive explosion that wipes away the church.

The distant vistas bus returns and drops off Fiore.


Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are in a diner discussing The Big Lebowski. Jesse says the plan is to go find God and when he finds God, he'll either help Him or kick His ass. He sees Eugene again as well and promises to find a way to get him out of hell. Outside, Tulip asks Jesse what Genesis is. He uses Genesis to get Tulip to kiss him. Cassidy looks at them bitterly as they kiss. When the kiss is over, Tulip punches Jesse and tells him to never do it again. They pile in Tulip's car and drive.

The archangel walks through the wreckage and ashes of Annville. The cowboy shoots her from behind and walks over her body, then speaks the word "preacher."