Shazam! Producer On The Movie Arriving Earlier Than Scheduled

Back when Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was promoting San Andreas about a year ago, he mentioned in an [...]


Back when Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was promoting San Andreas about a year ago, he mentioned in an interview that his entrance to the DC Extended Universe may come a little earlier than scheduled. Johnson is set to play Black Adam in 2019's Shazam! movie but we may not have to wait quite that long.

Speaking to Hiram Garcia, Johnson's producing partner for several years now on various endeavors including Furious 7, the Journey franchise, and HBO's Ballers, we asked about Johnson's remarks from last year and they sound pretty credible.

"I think there's projects that are so strong and so powerful that they have what I like to call the Moses effect where the seas part and they rise to the top," Garcia starts to explains. "I always considered [Shazam!] of those projects. When this project is ready to go it will definitely be a sea parter where it rises to the top."

"It's on us," Garcia explains, enthusiastically feeling the pressure of making a movie so many people are looking forward to. "We don't want to rush the process. It's a priority to get it right but once it's right, it's gonna be hard to hold it back."

Having a finished script in place three years prior to release is a good sign that the movie might move up, however, Warner Brothers has already shaken up their DC Films schedule once lately. It will be interesting to see if the studio will choose to move one of its later films up if it looks as promising as Garcia makes it to be.

Though the script may be nearing completion, Johnson is the only announced cast member to date. "We kind of float some names around but nothing is locked in," Garcia says of Shazam casting. "Right now, the focus, the sole focus is getting the story right. Getting the story really, really good and then the rest will be able to fall in line."

Shazam! is currently scheduled for release in April of 2019.