Sons Of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter Teases Series Future With New Abel Photo

Fatherhood is a complicated adventure, and Sons Of Anarchy highlighted the struggles of such an [...]

Fatherhood is a complicated adventure, and Sons Of Anarchy highlighted the struggles of such an endeavor throughout its seven seasons. One could argue that being a father was the main theme of the series.

The anti-hero Jax Teller served as the main character of the show, and his entire story was spent watching him learn how to provide for his family, as well as his club. In the pilot episode, Jax's ex-wife gives birth to their son, Abel, prematurely. There were drugs in her system, and the doctors weren't sure if Abel would make it.

(Photo: FX)

From then on, every decision that Jax made was to try and create a better life for his son. The character married his high school sweetheart, Tara, and the two had another son later on.

Fans watched Abel grow over the course of the series, and it was clear he was taking in a lot of the evil that surrounded his father. While Jax was always good at heart, he often became consumed with crime. Multiple times, Abel was featured in powerful scenes where he would take up a weapon to defend his dad, or repeat something he heard his father say.

These moments made it clear that all of a father's decisions will impact his son, and this ultimately led to Jax sending his boys with Nero and Wendy, before committing suicide.

Thursday morning, Kurt Sutter posted a photo on his Twitter account that teased these decisions may continue affecting Abel long after his father's death.

Sutter, creator of the series, shared a picture of Abel actor Ryder Londo in a full-sized Sons Of Anarchy cut. The vest looks exactly like the ones his character's father wore throughout the series, and his came autographed by ever actor involved.

The caption on the post read, "Looking good kid. #SOA" This could have just been a nice photo of a child actor with a great memory, but it could also be a cryptic message regarding the series finale.

When fans last saw Abel, he was heading to the farm to live with Nero and Wendy. In his hand, he held a ring that read, 'SON'. Jax always wore a set of two that said 'SONS' when put together, and they were a gift from his late father. Abel playing with the ring, much like Jax did throughout the series, teased that he would grow up thinking about the club. Even though Jax wanted Abel away from the outlaw life, this scene told fans he may find his way back.

The photo Sutter released adds to that theory. Seeing Abel in an adult-sized cut, and saying he looks good, could tease that the child will one day wear the same attire.

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