The Walking Dead: This Week's Game-Changer Spoiled Online


Here at, we've seen this week's episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, titled "Killer Within." And, for a variety of reasons--not least of which that the episode may be the best and most emotionally-charged yet for the highly-rated series--we're not going to tell you about what happens in that episode, other than what's already out there: in an apparent act of sabotage, a group of walkers gain access to the prison and chaos ensues. Meanwhile, Andrea and Michonne continue to debate whether or not the Governor can be trusted. And there's this--the basic makeup of the group of survivors at the show's core undergoes a number of changes this week. There's already one site spoiling the episode in very explicit terms, which means by the time the show actually airs on Sunday,  almost everyone will know what's coming. We want to urge you, though, to avoid those spoilers. The episode is well-written and beautifully-acted, and it's worth the short wait. Reducing it, as a number of sites have already done, to "Who Dies on The Walking Dead?" does a disservice to the show, and to the viewers, too. That said, if you absolutely can't wait--well, the information is out there. Why is this worth mentioning if we aren't going to give you anything to work on? Because frankly, a lot of viewers--and especially those who have read the comics--think they've got a pretty good sense for how this season will play out and the likelihood they're right drops a bit after this week's episode. It's not just a question of "something bad happens," it goes beyond that and torpedoes a lot of theories that we've seen online. A game-changer like that is a lot more fun to see live.