The Walking Dead Video Game Sales Pass 1 Million


More than 1 million episodes of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series have been sold after just two weeks of availability for the series' first chapter, according to a press release by Telltale. The first episode topped the sales charts for both the Xbox and PlayStation networks. "Premiering The Walking Dead game series to record numbers across so many diverse platforms is a tremendous achievement that shows the value of bringing strong storytelling and game play together," said Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale Games, Inc., in a press release.  "The tailored narrative design puts gamers in control of their own story within the universe of The Walking Dead in a way that appeals equally to hardcore gamers and to more casual gamers who are fans of the franchise.  The most exciting aspect of getting off to such a great start is that this is just the beginning of the five episode series. The Walking Dead fans are going to experience some really great moments in the months ahead that are uniquely influenced by the choices they make throughout the season." The game, which has so far garnered strong reviews, features characters never before seen in the comics or AMC's hit television series wandering through the post-apocalyptic world of Robert Kirkman's zombie drama; players fend off zombies while defending a little girl who has lost her parents. Check out a new trailer below, that not only showcases the game's graphics but some of the reviews it's been getting, as well, and keep your eyes peeled for more, as the second episode launches in June and new trailers for that should be coming soon.