The Walking Dead: Who Is Dr. Denise Cloyd?

In tonight's episode of The Walking Dead we will meet Merritt Weaver's portrayal of Dr. Denise Cloyd.

Who is Denise Cloyd? Let's take a look - but that does mean spoilers from The Waking Dead comics which tend to mirror the events of the television series.

In the comics, Denise was a general practitioner before the apocalypse. Post end-of-the-world, she is ruled the town doctor of Alexandria. Upon her introduction, she cares for an injured Scott delivered by Rick. Scott was quickly introduced in last week's season six premiere but he appears to be well and good while Rick has some other issues on his plate, so my guess is an altered first appearance for Denise.

Denise goes on to become familiar with Heath and eventually starts dating him during their time together in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Heath was introduced in last week's episode of The Walking Dead.

Aside from the obvious reasons a doctor is important in the apocalypse, Denise plays a major role during the "No Way Out" story line in which Alexandria is overrun with zombies. We're getting into some very spoilery stuff now, so if you've managed to remain spoiler free somehow to this point, turn back now if you don't want a potentially shocking moment ruined!

Seriously, this is deep spoiler waters if the events of the comic are adapted on TV, but I'll continue. While Douglas Monroe, the comic book counterpart of Deanna, went down in a heap of zombies, he fired gunshots in every direction, one of which struck Carl in the eye and blew off half of his face. Denise was enlisted in providing the medical aid Carl needed and eventually saved his life. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I won't mention whether she's alive or dead in the comics because that's not necessary in an introductory piece, but if you want to know, leave a comment below.


The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on AMC.