The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Gives Perfect Response To Fan Who Asks Him Not To Kill Glenn


Please don't kill Glenn.

That was the "question" that Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was asked during a panel at Hawaii Comic Con. The fan asking the question received some applause, but it didn't take Kirkman long to douse what little hope she had, saying: "I'll take that under advisement but it may be too late."

She followed up with a question of "Who did Negan kill?", but there was no chance of her actually getting an answer, and Kirkman said as much when he responded: "You know I can't answer that."

While there are many fans who would love to see Glenn make it through his first meeting with Negan, it doesn't seem likely. Still, we won't know who officially got the bad end of Lucille (not that there's really a "good end" per say) until Season 7 debuts later this year.

While the season finale was divisive amongst fans, it certainly succeeded in attracting viewers, as the finale pulled in 14.2 million viewers. While many are annoyed that we didn't find out who died in the finale, that should just build additional hype for the premiere. As for Kirkman, he's unapologetic about the finale, saying: "We knew that there would be a reaction," Kirkman tells EW. "We probably didn't anticipate it would be so big, but cliffhangers are supposed to elicit a reaction. I mean, that's what they're designed to do. So, to a certain extent, it did its job. It maybe did its job a little too well, but I think people that have invested in six years of the show may not be happy about that cliffhanger, and I think that's a completely valid response, and I completely respect their opinion."


Either way, things aren't looking good for Glenn, and Kirkman doesn't want you to forget it.