'True Detective' Creator Nic Pizzolatto And Robert Downey Jr. Might Team Up For TV Series

(Photo: YouTube)

Something great might happen, and it includes True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto and the Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. According to Variety, the two might team up with HBO to bring us a new television series.

Insiders have told Variety that the series will be based off of a Perry Mason reboot Downey Jr. has been developing with Warner Bros. for a few years. But, after The Judge came away with mixed reviews, Warner Bros. and Downey Jr. cooled down on the project and felt television might be a better medium.

This will also keep Pizzolato in the mix with HBO and could even be a catalyst for another season of True Detective (which would be very welcomed since it could be a genuine shot at a rebound for the show).

It would also be great to see Downey Jr. venture into the television realm. With Team Downey and Pizzolato involved, the possibilities of a Perry Mason reboot could be something thoroughly engaging.

[H/T Variety]